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Master internship in theoretical biochemistry

par Secretaire - 1er décembre 2015

Lab interests

The theoretical team develops and applies methods coupling coarse-grained model for proteins with hydrodynamic interactions, enhanced sampling methods as well as mixed quanto-classical methods. The experimental team uses DNA-based molecular programming and microfluidics to experimentally test how shape and form emergence in a purely molecular system.


It has been recently demonstrated that some enzymes boost their diffusivity during enzymatic turnover. The physical/molecular origins of such an enhancement of the molecular diffusivity are still debated. Here, we propose two linked internships focused on the correlation between hydrodynamic solvent interactions and protein function. This is a hot topic and relates to the understanding of the specificity of protein functionality in cell-like conditions. The first part of the internship will be carried out in a laboratory of recognized value in the field of molecular simulations. The trainee will use the Lattice Boltzmann Molecular Dynamics technique. This technique –developed in the laboratory- allows to include naturally hydrodynamic interactions in the simulation of macromolecules as proteins. A model system consisting of an “active molecule” representing a protein undergoing conformational changes during its enzymatic turnover will be simulated in a fluid. The second part will be done in an experimental team of recognized expertise in microfluidics and diffusion. We will study either the diffusion of an enzyme or of a passive molecule in the presence and in the absence of enzymatic substrate using automated fluorescence microscopy and microfluidics.


The coupled experience of this double internship will offer the unique opportunity to benefit from combined expertise at experimental and theoretical levels. The combined approach represents also the unique chance to dig a very interesting scientific problem –the correlation of proteins motions and functions in cell-like conditions- considered a major challenge in modern molecular biology/biophysics/biochemistry.


Fabio Sterpone, PhD LBT/IBPC 13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 Paris, France

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