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Postdoctoral and PhD positions at FU Berlin

par Secretaire - 20 septembre 2016

Dr. Cecilia Clementi is seeking candidates for both postdoctoral and PhD positions in her Einstein Visiting Fellow group at FU Berlin. The research will focus on the structural and dynamical characterization of large macromolecular assemblies by means of computer simulation, in close collaboration with experimental and other theoretical groups in the Berlin area. This work will be based on the definition and application of theoretical and computational methods to incorporate heterogenous sets of experimental data into simulation models, in combination with coarse-graining techniques to study the systems at different resolutions. Researchers will be involved on developing the modeling approach and the general theoretical formulation, and/or on the application of the methods developed in the group to the study of large protein assemblies. We are looking for researcher with a strong mathematical/physical background and/or strong background in computational molecular modeling, and experience in collaboration with experimentalists.

Postdoctoral Candidates must hold a PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, or related area, with a record of scientific excellence and creativity, have a strong knowledge of statistical mechanics, and be team players. PhD candidates must hold an undergraduate degree in a quantitative science, with excellent grades. We are looking for creative and independent minds with scientific aspirations, high motivation and outstanding work ethics. Candidates with experience in setting up and performing molecular dynamics or similar particle-based simulations, and good programming skills are encouraged to apply.

We invite researchers seeking postdoctoral or PhD positions to send their CVs and two contacts for references (and transcripts for PhD candidates). Applications and inquiries should be sent to :

Dr. Cecilia Clementi is an Einstein Visiting Fellow at FU Berlin ( where she is starting an interdisciplinary research group focusing on multiscale modeling of biophysical systems. Dr. Clementi’s home affiliation is Rice University, in Houston, Texas, USA, where she is Professor of Chemistry, and senior investigator of the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics. The FU Berlin team will be sharing offices and collaborate with the research group of Dr. Frank Noé.