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European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry 2017

par Secretaire - 6 février 2017

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce the sixteenth

European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry 2017

to be held at Hotel Torre Normanna near Palermo, Sicily, Italy September 10 - 23 2017

The European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry will take place for the 16th time from September 10 to September 23 2017. The goal of the school is to introduce the participants to modern methods and computational techniques in quantum chemistry. More and more scientists in different fields of chemistry are using theoretical methods in their research, either as a technique per se, or as a complement to experimental work. As a result there is a growing need to acquire the background knowledge necessary for skillful use of these methods. The European Summer School in Quantum Chemistry (ESQC) was started with the aim of disseminating such knowledge. The first school was held in August 1989 under the direction of the late Björn Roos. The school aims at developing critical thinking of the participants, and much time will therefore be devoted to the discussion of different electronic structure problems and the choice of appropriate methods for their solution. The course will consist of both lectures and tutorials.

Subjects : General aspects of computational chemistry Mathematical Tools in Quantum Chemistry Second Quantization Basis Sets, Integrals and SCF Methods Density Functional Theory Coupled Cluster Theory Molecular properties Introduction to Response Theory Relativistic Quantum Chemistry Hybrid QM/classical models in Chemistry Open shell systems The Multiconfigurational Approach Algorithm design Local correlation

Lecturers : Jürgen Gauss (Mainz) Trygve Helgaker (Oslo) Wim Klopper (Karlsruhe) Per-Åke Malmqvist (Lund) Benedetta Mennucci (Pisa) Frank Neese (Mülheim) Jeppe Olsen (Aarhus) Trond Saue (Toulouse) David Tozer (Durham) Lucas Visscher (Amsterdam)

All lecturers participate in the tutorial sessions, together with Per-Olof Widmark (Lund) Jérôme Cuny (Toulouse) Stefan Knecht (Zürich) Simen Reine (Oslo) Stella Stopkowicz (Mainz)

Local organizing committee : Giampaolo Barone Fabrizio Lo Celso The University of Palermo, Italy

Registration will start March 15 2017 at 9:00 (am) CET. The acceptance of students based on the information provided by the student upon registration, to assure the overall quality of the school. To the extent that this documentation convinces us that you have the necessary level for the school, the acceptance of students will be done on a first come, first served basis. The students are selected based on the information they provide. The registration fee is 1700 euros for university participants and 5500 euros for others. The price covers - food and lodging in single rooms, including welcome reception, Sicilian dinner and farewell party - tuition fee (lectures/tutorials/discussions sessions) - school material (including three text books)

The number of students is limited to 80. Your place is only guaranteed when we have received your registration fee. We will maintain a limited waiting list.

For updates and more information, please check our web site If you want a reminder when registration starts, please send me a mail.

On behalf of the ESQC staff

Trond Saue


Trond SAUE Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique Quantiques UMR 5626 CNRS --- Université Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier), 118 route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse (FRANCE) phone : +33/561556031 FAX : +33/561556065

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