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Quantum Computing postdoc position available

par Secretaire - 12 juin 2017

Postdoctoral Researcher position : quantum simulation of molecular properties.

We invite applications for a three (3) year postdoctoral research position in the field of quantum simulation of molecular properties, to begin in Fall 2017 (exact start date negotiable).

The successful applicant will join a collaboration between Leonardo DiCarlo (QuTech - Delft, superconducting qubit experiment), Lieven Vandersypen (QuTech - Delft, quantum dot experiment), Lucas Visscher (VU Amsterdam, theoretical chemistry) and Thomas O’Brien (Instituut Lorentz - Leiden, quantum information theory), and industry partners from Shell, Intel and TNO. The goal of this collaboration is to provide target molecules for potential quantum simulation by the first generation of commercial quantum computers, alongside a parallel project to develop algorithms for simple quantum simulations to be run on current quantum hardware.

This project will involve developing criteria for the suitability of said targets, and working with industry and academic collaborators to create a catalogue of target molecules based on this list. It will further involve the development of quantum algorithms for these molecules, attempting to incorporate techniques in quantum optimization and quantum error correction to minimize resource requirements for a first commercial quantum computer.

Applicants should have a strong background in quantum simulation, either in quantum chemistry or computational physics. Previous knowledge of chemistry is essential, some knowledge of quantum information would be preferred. Applicants must have or be near completion of a PhD in an appropriate field.

Applications may be sent to . The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

prof. Lucas Visscher Tel : +31 20 59 87624