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Postdoc in Marseille

par Secretaire - 8 novembre 2017

One 18-months postdoctoral position is available in the theoretical chemistry group, Institut de Chimie Radicalaire, Aix-Marseille Université, France (

Funded by the French ANR project BIOLUM involving several research groups in France and abroad, the proposed line of research aims at elucidating theoretically how the firefly bioluminescence depends on the pH. The selected postdoctoral scientist will use modeling tools and workflows recently developed in our group [DOI : 10.1039/C7CP00991G,]. Accordingly, the candidate is required to demonstrate a strong background in molecular dynamics simulations, possibly with experience in constant-pH MD approaches. Among the possible model developments relevant to the project, the parametrization of the luciferase luminophore protonation states and/or the implementation of a Particle-Mesh Ewald-based calculation of the electrostatic potential (needed in QM/MM computations) will be considered.

The selected candidate is expected to start during the first trimester 2018. She/he will find a particularly pleasant and stimulating environment, with scientists working in various fields (method development, photochemistry, magnetism, biochemistry, radical reactivity, materials, …) and up-to-date local/national HPC resources.

The net salary (before income taxes), depending on the candidate experience, ranges from 2000€/month (no exp, first year) and 2500€/month (>3 years exp, second year).

Applicants will send a complete CV and a motivation letter to Nicolas Ferré, professor of Theoretical Chemistry, at