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Postdoc position in Pavia

par Secretaire - 29 janvier 2018

Integrative Approaches to Target Hsp90 Complexes in Cancer Research Fellow Job Description

The project focuses on the computational characterization of the mechanism of allosteric regulation and protein-protein interactions in molecular chaperone systems, with a particular interest for Hsp90. The knowledge acquired in these studies will be translated into the design of new molecules with potential biological activities.

The required fellow will be in charge of the aspects related to the computational characterization of protein dynamics and the prediction of protein interaction surfaces, and will participate in the design of allosteric small molecules as well as peptidomimetics mimicking the predicted surface regions. He/she will also take part in the validation and testing of prepared molecules.

The candidate should hold a Masters or a PhD in chemistry, physics, computational biology or pharmaceutical chemistry. The candidate should have clear interest in and understanding of the main determinants of molecular recognition processes.

The ability to use or develop computational chemistry methods dedicated to the specific problem at hand will represent a plus. The candidate will be required to interact with computational chemists and biologists almost on a daily basis : in this context, knowledge of drug design and molecular design concepts may represent a preferential title.

The salary requested corresponds to the one for a senior post-doc, according to the parameters of CNR and the Ministry of Research.

Giorgio Colombo

Professor, Organic Chemistry Department of Chemistry University of Pavia Via Taramelli 12, 27100 Pavia (Italy)

  • Institute of Molecular Recognition Chemistry, ICRM-CNR Via Mario Bianco 9, 20131 Milano (Italy) E-mail : ;