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Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, sept 2018

par Secretaire - 18 mai 2018

*Lake Como School of Advanced Studies*

*Computational spectroscopy : bridging theory and experiment*

*September 9th – 14th , 2018


The aim of this international School is to present the state of the art of computational approaches devoted to the study of spectroscopic phenomena. The School will consist of a series of invited lectures, tutorials on cutting-edge techniques, and contributions from participants. The one-week School will bring together 40 - 50 world-renowned researchers, Ph.D. students and Post-Docs with broad international representation in the theoretical and experimental areas of molecular and solid-state spectroscopy ; these are inherently multidisciplinary areas of research, and therefore the School will be functional in promoting cross-field dialogue among theoretical researchers involved in the areas of physical, inorganic, organic, biological, and materials chemistry.

The application of a wide panel of spectroscopies for the characterization of key properties of chemical systems – both in gas and condensed phases – is a common approach in fundamental research and technological applications. Notably, the information embedded in the collected spectra can become complex to analyze on an exclusively phenomenological basis. Theoretical methods can be crucial for the modeling and understanding of the observed spectroscopic features. However, depending on the target system and the required accuracy, the theoretical spectroscopic models can vary greatly in complexity. In such context, the School will propose introductory lessons by experimental researchers in each areas, who will illustrate the challenges to be tackled by contemporary computational spectroscopy ; the computational researchers will then discuss – also by means of practical sessions – their fundamental contributions for the interpretation of electronic, vibronic, rotational and resonance processes underlying spectroscopic signatures, also with reference to the mutual interplay of such physicochemical phenomena.