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[EuCheMS-DCTC] Methods Workshop

par Secretaire - 30 mai 2018

The Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (DCTC) of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) is organising a half-day Workshop entitled "Methods of Computational Chemistry : challenges and new developments", which will take place in the afternoon of 29 August 2018. The Workshop is part of the ancillary programme at the 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, which will take place from 26 to 30 August 2018 in Liverpool (UK). The Congress, a big gathering of the European chemistry community also includes a one-day session on applied computational chemistry. The Methods Workshop provides a complementary “insider event" on method and code-development (see links listed below for further information).

The workshop will start at 14:00 and end at 17:30.

We have now six confirmed speakers, all connected with a major application code :

Daniel Crawford (Virginia Tech). MolSSI (software tools and educational materials) Leticia Gonzalez (Vienna, AU). SHARC (MD, excited states) Frank Neese (Muehlheim, GE). ORCA (electronic structure) Chiara Cappelli (Pusa, IT). Virtual Spectrometer, VMS (simulation of spectra) Erik Landahl (Stockholm, SE) GROMACS (MD). Christof Haettig (Bochum GE) TURBOMOLE (electronic structure)

The programme/abstract book is attached.

Please see links below for more information on the Congress and the Methods Workshop :

For registration please go to :

Note that Early Bird registration ends on 4 June. There should be a possibility to register for a single day on the registration page. =======================