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ECAM postdoc position in quantum dynamics

par Nord & Ile de France - 4 novembre 2018

A postdoctoral position, funded by ECAM (, is available to work with Rodolphe Vuilleumier at the ENS-Paris and David Lauvergnat at the University Paris-sud (Orsay). The successful candidate will explore new efficient and accurate quantum dynamical methods using the combination of two complementary computational methods, path integral and Smolyak scheme approaches to study floppy systems (such as H2 clathrate hydrates). In particular and related to the software development infrastructure, ECAM, the HPC aspect is one the key point of this project.

The position will start as early as possible and up to two years. However, the funding will stop at the end of 2020. The hired postdoc will be located at the “Maison de la Simulation” in the south of Paris.

Please email your CV, a cover letter and 2 or 3 letters of reference or contact information for at least 2 references to Rodolphe Vuilleumier ( and David Lauvergnat (

Form more details see the pdf document.