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PhD openings at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany

par Nord & Ile de France - 15 juillet 2019

The RTG 2482 is funded by the German Reseach Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). At present, the RTG does not yet have an official web page. A summary of the RTG 2482 programme is given below : Electronic excitation of molecules impacts diverse areas ranging from photobiology to molecular electronics, from basic science to applications, such as organic light emitting diodes (OLED). Intersystem crossing (ISC), the non-radiative interconversion of electronic states with different spin multiplicities, is a key process in photochemistry and photophysics. The efficiency and kinetics of ISC can render electronically excited molecules photo-labile or -stable, emissive or dark. This RTG proposes to study and modulate ISC in molecules by chemical substitution and by varying the molecular environment. It promotes and fosters interdisciplinary research seeking for a deeper understanding of emission enhancement by controlling ISC from singlet to triplet and its reverse. Closely related to this highly topical research, a cross-curricular PhD training program will be established, taking into special consideration diverse scientific backgrounds of the candidates. The doctoral researchers are being strategically mentored by co-supervision teams of PIs holding complementary expertise. In addition, workshops with international speakers, RTG symposia, and the RTG training will enhance the educational and subject-specific didactical skills of the young researchers as an optimal preparation for future work in academia or industry.

We are looking for talented, highly motivated applicants holding a master´s degree in chemistry or physics. The ideal candidate will have a record of excellence and a strong background in theoretical and computational chemistry. Detailed information on two PhD projects in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry is attached. Project B2 is supervised by Prof. Christel M. Marian (, project C2 by PD Dr. Oliver Weingart (

If you are interested in one of these PhD projects, please send your application documents (pdf) by email to the corresponding supervisor before 31.07.2019.

Required application documents : 1) Informal motivation letter 2) Curriculum vitae 3) List of publications and conference contributions (if applicable) 4) (Inofficial) Academic transscripts

Christel Marian and Oliver Weingart