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1 post-doc and 1 PhD position available @ Subatech, Nantes - Theoretical Radiochemistry

par Nord & Ile de France - 11 février 2020

Two positions will be opened in a couple of weeks at Both concern the exploration of the chemistry of rare radioelements by means of theoretical chemistry approaches. These are unique opportunities to feel like pioneering the basic chemistry of an element, to explore the capabilities of theoretical chemistry methods to describe the properties of such systems and to make predictions prior to experiments.

Feel free to transmit to potential candidates. These may contact me if they need more details concerning the scientific program. However, please not that the application will occur on (direct applications by email will not be considered).

1-year post-doctorate position :

Protactinium chemistry : Stability of the Pa=O bond

The stability of the protactinium-oxo (Pa=O) bond is currently unknown, in particular, we still don’t know if it can survive complexation. The project will aim at predicting ligands for which this bond is maintained or cleaved upon complexation, for indirectly revealing the stability of the Pa=O bond. Collaboration with several theoretical and experimental chemists is anticipated.

Funding : Région Pays de la Loire ("Etoile Montante" project).

Starting date : from May 1st 2020 up to January 1st 2021, depending on the availability of the retained candidate.

Renewal possible if extra funding is acquired.

PhD position :

Multi-scale modelling for polonium chemistry

Polonium is a notorious poison with a largelly unknown chemistry. The objective of the project will be to establish static and dynamic theoretical chemistry approaches to predict the reactivity and spectroscopy of polonium species. This project will be run in close collaboration with the PhLAM (V. Vallet, F. Réal and A. S. P. Gomes) and CEISAM (E. Renault) laboratories in Lille and Nantes, respectively. A significant stay in the PhLAM laboratory is expected during the 2nd year of the PhD (e.g. 3 months).

Funding : CNRS - MITI ("80|Prime" project).

Starting date : October 1st 2020.

Contact :"