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Edinburgh - une thèse et deux post-docs

par Nord & Ile de France - 28 janvier

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK : deux contrats post-doctoraux et un contrat doctoral @ Martin Paterson and Adam Kirrander.

* Two postdoctoral opportunities are available in the group of Prof. Martin Paterson at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. The first of these is through joint funding with Dr Adam Kirrander at the University of Edinburgh to work on the development of novel multi-reference electronic structure approaches. This will include close collaborative work with the Kirrander group developing these for use in quantum dynamics simulations of ultrafast processes. The second position is in the area of the excited state scattering, specifically in excited molecular collisions, and will involve modelling of non-adiabatic channels for reactive chemistry and quenching. This is funded as part of a large-scale programme grant in molecular scattering jointly between Heriot-Watt and Oxford University. Interested candidates should email for further details.

* There is a PhD position open in ultrafast imaging and machine learning in Adam Kirrander’s group at the University of Edinburgh. The advert can be found on the following link :