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Label de Chimie Théorique

2020/2021 edition of RFCT Witer school, Lyon and Marseille, 18-29 January

This series of lectures will take place either in Lyon / Marseille or at distance depending on the government restrictions in the Covid-19 pandemic. A winter school will be held from 18-29 January (6 ECTS for M2 students, 8 days of lecture).

This school will cover modern problems in computational chemistry, from biomolecules to material sciences, and with an adequate range of techniques.

Lecture notes will be sent by email directly to the participants, and also made available on the website of the Federation de Recherches Themosia. Enseignants participants au label cette année : / Lecturers

  • Yanick Carissan (U. Aix-Marseille) : chemical bonding
  • Max Pinheiro / Prateek Goel (U. Aix-Marseille) : machine learning
  • Miquel Huix-Rottlant (U. Aix-Marseille/CNRS) : excited states
  • Maylis Orio (U. Aix-Marseille/CNRS) : magnetism
  • Elise Dumont (ENS de Lyon) : QM/MM approaches
  • Christophe Morell (Univ. Lyon 1) : conceptual DFT
  • Agilio Padua (ENS de Lyon) : modeling of liquids, polarizable force fields
  • Andrew Pell (ENS de Lyon) : NMR and modern density functionals

Evaluation will be based on an individual report to be sent two weeks after to the lecturer (M2 students). PhD students that follow this series of lectures can credit these hours through an attestation to be sent to the Ecole Doctorale.